Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Igbodum Database

Agreement between User and the Igbodum Database Owned by Ndigbo. Igbodum Database (or the Platform) is created by Nzuko Umunna for Ndigbo as a service to Ndigbo. The database will be maintained and managed by Nzuko Umunna on behalf of Ndigbo and nominated representatives from some Igbo organizations (the Management Team).

This database stores information of Igbo professionals worldwide; making it accessible for users and development partners for the sustainable development of Alaigbo. The use of information from this platform does not allow any right to resell or redistribute the content for commercial purposes and is subject to the terms and conditions outlined below.


Information on this Platform is provided without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including without any warranties or representations as to the accuracy or completeness of such information. The Management Team will periodically add, change, improve, or update the Materials on this Platform without notice. Under no circumstances shall Igbodum Database and Management Team be liable for any losses, damages, liabilities, or expenses incurred or suffered which is claimed to have resulted from the use of this Platform, including without limitation, any faults, errors, omissions, accuracies, interruptions or delays with respect thereto. Use of this Platform is at the User’s sole risk. Under no circumstances, including, but not limited to, negligence, shall Igbodum Database and Management Team be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages, even if they have been advised of the possibility of such damages. User specifically acknowledges and agrees that Igbodum Database and Management Team are not liable for any conduct of any User. This Platform may contain limited advice, opinions, and statements of various information providers and content providers. The Igbodum Database and Management Team do not represent or endorse the accuracy or reliability of any advice, opinion, statement, or other information provided by any information provider or content provider, or any user of this Platform or other person or entity. Reliance upon any such opinion, advice, statement, or other information shall be at your own risk. Neither Igbodum Database and Management Team, nor any of their respective agents, information providers, or content providers shall be liable to any User or anyone else for any inaccuracy, error, omission, interruption, timeliness, completeness, deletion, defect, failure of performance, computer virus, communication line failure, alteration of, or use of any content herein, regardless of cause, for any damages resulting therefrom. As a condition of use of this Platform, User agrees to indemnify the Igbodum Database and Management Team from, and against any actions, claims, losses, damages, liabilities, and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising out of the User’s use of this Platform, including without limitation any claims alleging facts that if true would constitute a breach by User of these Terms and Use. If User is dissatisfied with any material on this Platform or with any of Terms of Use of this Platform, User’s sole and exclusive remedy is to discontinue using this Platform. Nothing in this Platform or any Materials shall be construed, implicitly or explicitly, as containing any affirmative endorsement or recommendations of any person or persons whose qualifications or professions are listed herein. Accordingly, nothing in this Platform, or in such information, constitutes an offer of or an invitation by or on behalf of Igbodum Database and Management Team to use or employ the services of any professions or professionals entered herein, nor should it be considered as legal or professional advice.

Applicable laws; consents

The Igbodum Database and Management Team reserve their exclusive rights and sole discretion to alter, limit or discontinue the Platform or any Materials or contents in any respect. The Igbodum Database and Management Team shall have no obligation to take the needs of any user into consideration in connection therewith. The Igbodum Database and Management Team reserves the right to deny in their sole discretion any user access to this Platform or any portion thereof without notice. No waiver by the Igbodum Database and Management Team of any provision of this Agreement shall be binding except as set forth in a writing and signed by its duly authorized representative(s).


This Agreement will be interpreted and enforced in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigerian and Enugu State. Enforcement of this agreement shall be brought in a court under Enugu State jurisdiction. User specifically acknowledges that its use of the Platform may be subject to applicable laws and to the rules and regulations of various regulatory authorities, as well as restrictions imposed by various data providers, any, and all of which may restrict such use. User agrees to identify and obtain any agreement, approval, license or permit from which may be so required, at User’s own expense.

Privacy policy for processing of personal data related to the Igbodum Database


As the Platform collects personal data, it is subject to the laws and regulations of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Enugu State on the protection of natural persons with regards to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data. Because Igbodum Database and Management Team gathers certain types of information about the users of this Platform, we want to ensure that you fully understand the terms and conditions surrounding the capture and use of that information. This privacy statement discloses what information we gather and how we use it.

What information does the platform collect?

Information collected on this Platform includes personal data such as names, education, profession, gender, email address, phone number, state of origin, local government, town and/or village, personal and professional address. Users will be further requested to complete a questionnaire on their interest in the development of Alaigbo. When you register, we may set a cookie, a small bit of code stored on your hard drive that enables you to manage your User profile. By setting this cookie the platform will remember you the next time you visit and will not have to bother you by asking questions you have already answered.

Who has access to your personal data and to whom is it disclosed?

Access to information in the database will be by the Igbodum Database Administrators and Database Management Team. Other users of the Platform can only access names and professions through a search. This information is publicly available and does not present any risk to the database subscribers – Ndigbo, Igbo businesses and Organizations. Detailed information provided by User including names, education, profession, gender, email address, phone number, state of origin, local government,  personal and professional address will only be available on request and a search by the Database Administrators subject to approval by the Database Management Team for the purpose of development of Alaigbo. User will be notified before such information is sent to the third party. The purpose of the notification is to put the User on notice about potential contact by the third-party.

User understands that Igbodum Database and Management Team are obligated by law to transmit relevant information to regulatory bodies and agencies in charge of monitoring or inspection tasks in accordance with the laws of Enugu State and the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

What do the Database Owners and Administrators do with the information?

The Igbodum Database and Management Team use the information for the following primary purposes:

• Information collected on the Platform will be used solely for the purpose of development of Alaigbo (Igboland).

• Shared with third-party development partners who will use it solely for the purpose of development of Alaigbo.

• To confirm your registrations on the Platform.

• To make the Platform easier for you to use by not having to enter information like your email address more than once.

What if I do not want to share my information?

It is your right not to provide information to the database. However, provision of your information in the database implies consent to all the terms of this Agreement. The Igbodum Database and Management Team view the User information that it collects from its Platform as a trusted asset for which we take great care in not misusing them. Igbodum Database and Management Team will not share, sell, distribute, or provide your information to anyone or a third-party except for non-commercial use by Alaigbo development partners. Such development partners include state governments, organizations and businesses that are engaged in the development of Alaigbo. Whenever we send your information to a third-party development partner, we will require them to conform to our privacy standards and to allow us to make reasonable efforts to verify their compliance if necessary. We will not otherwise reveal personal information to any external organization, except to Ndigbo development partners solely for the purpose of the development of Alaigbo and for the benefit of Ndigbo. When contacted by such third parties, it will be your responsibility to do your due diligence before entering into any contractual relationship with such third-parties. Igbodum Database and Management Team does not make representation as to the integrity or otherwise of such third-parties.

How do we protect and safeguard your information?

The Igbodum and the Management Team, employ a range of technologies to protect the information maintained on our systems from loss, misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure, alteration, or destruction.

How can you verify, modify, or delete your information?

You can verify, modify, or delete your personal data or information that is stored on the Platform. Any correction to your personal data or information will require revalidation by the Database Administrators.

How long do we keep your personal data?

Your personal data are kept for the existence of the Igbodum Database, and in the archives for an indefinite period as it pertains to the development and welfare of Igboland.

Contact information

For any questions related to your rights or use of the Platform, you can contact Igbodum Database or the Management Team using the Contact Us form on the website at www.igbodum.org. Privacy policy and Term of Use changes to the website will be posted on the website as it occurs so that you are completely aware of how the changes will affect you.