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Gbasara Anyị

Igbodum – Purpose

The need to develop Alaigbo requires human, material, and financial resources. Ndigbo is endowed with a quantum of these resources necessary for the development of Alaigbo. Due to the ubiquitous nature of Ndigbo especially in the recent past, they spread all over the surface of the earth that life exists. This lifestyle creates a dearth of resources as well as the required synergy which has been the bane of Ndigbo in community development. It is for this reason that the need for a central repository for Ndigbo human, material, and financial resources cannot be overemphasized. The akụ ruo ụlọ mantra cannot be realized without synergized approach. To achieve this objective, a product with the name – IGBODUM has been adopted for the database.

Igbodum for Igbo professionals and trades

Igboukwu Artifact

Akụ ruo ụlọ

Nnamdi Azikiwe in Igbodum for Igbo professionals and trades

Nnadi Azikiwe

Igbo Men in red cap in Igbodum for igbo professionals

Igbo Men in red cap

Mkpokiti Dancers in Igbodum for Igbo professionals and trades

Mgbokiti Dancers

Michael Okpara Igbodum for Igbo professionals and trades

Michael Okpara

Ndewo nu!

Ndigbo – Who are we?

Ndigbo is generally believed to have descended from the line of Jacob – the Jews from Israel. The Igbos can be found in the five eastern states of Nigerian (Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu and Imo); parts of Rivers, Delta, Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Benue and Kogi States of Nigeria. The Igbos are also natives in Equatorial Guinea and Gabon in West Africa. With a population of over 60 million people, the Igbos can be found in all parts of the world outside their ancestral homes. There is a saying in Igboland that if you go to any place in the world and you do not find an Igbo person, you should pack and leave because life does not exist there.

Who Can Register?

Ndigbo in all parts of the world will be encouraged to register on the website by providing limited personal and professional information in order to be part of the Alaigbo development initiative. Registration is completely free. Igbo owned businesses and organizations are also encouraged to register as the registration is also free. The website will be using best available systems and security protocols to ensure the integrity and security of the information collected.

Uja Igbodum for Igbo professionals and trades